Delta variant, Abrignani: “In Great Britain considered as flu”

“It appears that the Delta variant in Britain, the country in the Western world that first experienced it with a high rate of vaccinations, is a domesticated influenza-like virus.” This was stated by the immunologist Sergio Abrignani, a member of the Scientific Technical Committee, who spoke at ‘Agorà estate’ on Rai Tre. The British choice to remove the anti-Covid restrictions from July 19, “is a choice that has a scientific basis”, linked to the “numbers of vaccinated people, intensive care admissions, deaths”. If “it’s downgraded to influence, then openness makes both sanitary and political sense,” added Abrignani. “When asked if other more dangerous variants can arrive, I answer: we hope not, but we cannot exclude it so it is necessary to monitor”, he concluded. Abrignani therefore reiterates that “with vaccines you can get infected, but you avoid the severe forms of Covid and death. And there is no alternative, because if the alternative is not to get vaccinated, there is the certainty of getting hurt”. “The message is: the protection, with the vaccine, of what really hit us in this year and a half – severe forms, ICU admissions, deaths – is excellent. Protection from mild and asymptomatic forms is acceptable, between 65 and 75%. But if you are vaccinated you almost completely avoid severe forms and death “.

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