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Papa, rest and tranquility: shutters down at Gemelli


Rest and tranquility. And for this reason the shutters of the windows on the tenth floor of the Gemelli Polyclinic where Pope Francis is hospitalized remained closed all day. Rest and tranquility are also the keywords for the postoperative course that the pontiff must face in the aftermath of the surgery, carried out by prof. Sergio Alfieri and lasted about three hours, which was subjected to the colon, more precisely for diverticular stenosis. There is talk of seven days in hospital, barring complications, and the bulletin issued by the Vatican press office bodes well as it highlights that Bergoglio is “alert and breathing spontaneously”. As for the Angelus, it is still too early to say anything: it depends on how you will feel and what the doctors will say.In the meantime, the atmosphere at the polyclinic is that of every day, the ‘special patient’ has certainly not changed the hectic street. you go to the hospital with thousands of people entering and leaving, who goes to visit a hospitalized relative or who has to carry out a clinical examination or a medical visit. Two elderly ladies well protected by their masks, while walking along the exit of the Gemelli, look up in search of the Pope’s windows: “Is he there? We must pray for him, he asked us last Sunday with great force. He does it for us always, every day. Now we do it for him. We wish the Pope a complete and quick recovery, that he will soon return to look out at St. Peter’s.



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