• Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Threats Mattarella, Ros investigation: Professor Marco Gervasoni searched


May 11, 2021

Marco Gervasoni is the Roman professor of the University of Molise searched as part of the investigation for threats to offenses against the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella by the carabinieri of the Ros of the Anticrime Department, coordinated by the chief prosecutor Michele Prestipino with the prosecutors Eugenio Albamonte and Gianfederica Finger. Historian and essayist, former scientific director of the Craxi Foundation, Gervasoni teaches Contemporary History at the University of Molise. In recent months he had ended up in the media storm for a tweet on the vice president of the Emilia Romagna Region Elly Schlein which also cost him a referral to the Ethics Commission by the academic Senate of the university. “What is it, n’omo?”, The comment by Gervasoni on the cover of ‘L’Espresso’ dedicated to Schlein which cost him a shower of criticism in September 2020. The professor then defended himself by claiming that his was a “social experiment”: “You can make comments on the physicist of Meloni, Salvini, Trump and Berlusconi. While it is not allowed to do so on leftists. We have seen it many times. therefore thought of doing this little experiment after having seen the interesting cover of ‘L’Espresso’, which played on the masculine image of Schlein, which has been repeatedly defined as gender fluid “, said the teacher at the time. Previously, in September 2019, another tweet had cost him the interruption of his relationship with Luiss, where he taught – on contract – Comparative history of political systems: “Giorgia Meloni is right, the ship must be sunk. So Sea Watch boom boom , unless you find a less noisy medium “the sentence ‘offending’. FELTRI – “Hands off Gervasoni who is an excellent professor and excellent columnist with the only vice of not being left-wing”. The director of Libero Vittorio Feltri writes on Twitter about the searches of the Ros related to the threats to the President of the Republic Mattarella which also involve professor Marco Gervasoni.