The great heat returns, peaking between Wednesday and Friday: here’s where

After the violent storms that crossed the north on Sunday, the African anticyclone returns to conquer Italy with a new wave of heat that this time will affect all regions. The team of the site informs that from Monday it will be increasingly hot and the maximum temperatures will begin to rise gradually, but constantly, until reaching the peak between Wednesday and Friday. If until Tuesday the maximum values ​​do not exceed 33-34 ° C in the Center-North and 36 ° C in the South (except in Sicily which will register 38 ° C in some areas), from Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday in cities like Bologna , Florence, Rome, Terni, Perugia, Chieti, Campobasso, Macerata you can touch peaks of 36-38 ° C, in Puglia the 41-42 ° C of Matera and Foggia will stand out. But it will also be hot in the rest of the cities, such as in Milan, Padua, Modena, Prato, Viterbo (35 ° C). The weather will be mostly sunny and only in the westernmost Alps there will be some afternoon thunderstorms. In detail: Monday 5 – In the north: local fogs in Veneto, sun elsewhere. Center: sunny. In the south: few clouds. Tuesday 6 – In the north: isolated storms over Val d’Aosta and upper Piedmont. In the center: prevailing sun. In the south: sunny Wednesday 7 – In the north: afternoon thunderstorms over the western Alps. In the center: sun and intense heat at times. In the south: prevailing sun and warm climate. Thursday with more thunderstorms in the Alps, Prealps and medium / high plains of the Northwest, lots of sun and heat elsewhere.

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