Mafia, 81 arrests in maxi blitz: even the repentant Giusy Vitale

Hard blow to the mafia district of Partinico (Palermo). In the early hours of today, in the province of Palermo and in several regions of the national territory, the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Palermo, has delegated the Provincial Command of the Carabinieri of Palermo and the Anti-Mafia Investigative Directorate for the execution of a precautionary custody order in the against 85 suspects (63 in prison, 18 under house arrest and 4 subject to residence obligations and presentation to the judicial police) held in various capacities responsible for mafia association, external competition in mafia association, association aimed at drug trafficking, crimes in weapons, drugs, extortion and corruption. The operation, called ‘Gordio’ and carried out with the support of canine units, the helicopter unit and the Sicilian hunting squadron, involved the provinces of Palermo, Trapani, Latina, Naples, Rome and Nuoro where 70 of the measures were carried out overall precautionary measures for charges of mafia association, external competition in mafia association, association aimed at drug trafficking (5 organizations identified) and crimes such as drug production and trafficking (marijuana, cocaine and hashish), but also crimes relating to weapons and against public administration (corruption of an agent of the penitentiary police serving at the Pagliarelli prison in Palermo. The investigations, initiated by the Compagnia di Partinico and developed for two years in synergy with the investigative unit of Monreale, began in November 2017 from the analysis of the relationships between the Partinian entrepreneur of the wine sector Ottavio Lo Cricchio and Michele Vitale, exhibiting entity of the Vitale family, known as ‘Fardazza’ and historically hegemonic within the mafia district. The reconstruction of the criminal assets has also brought to light the role of three other members of the family: Giuseppa ‘Giusy’ Vitale, in the past regent of the district and then collaborator of justice and currently not subject to the protection program, her sister Antonina Vitale and the son Michele Casarrubia.Giusy Vitale, former mafia boss of the ‘Fardazza’ family, in the past had made an important contribution to tell the background of Cosa Nostra. According to the accusation, corroborated by the wiretapping, the woman allegedly managed a massive trafficking of cocaine from the secret location where she lived, in agreement with her relatives in Sicily. He allegedly bought the drug from the Casamonica and in Calabria. There is also a prison police officer among the recipients of the 85 precautionary measures. The man, serving at the Pagliarelli prison in Palermo, is accused of aggravated corruption and is under house arrest. He would have favored external communications from Francesco Nania, arrested for mafia association in February 2018, because he was identified as the contact person for the Partinico family. In the course of the investigation, links between bosses and some local politicians from Partinico also emerged. A year ago the City Council was dissolved due to the mafia influence of the administrative activity.The investigations showed how Nania would have maintained, during her detention, relations with the outside thanks to the owner of a real estate agency in Partinico, which has made available to the Cosa Nostra as a “trusted resource” by the agent of the penitentiary police. The latter, under investigation for aggravated corruption, would have made it possible to exchange letters from the prison of Nania, in particular with Nunzio CassarĂ , and would also have revealed to the suspects information on the organization of the penitentiary in order to hinder the investigation and interception activities. The policeman was rewarded by the owner of the real estate agency with various kinds of gifts: food (ricotta, oranges, goat meat), clothing (sweatshirts, overalls), the monthly car wash and the purchase of fuel to a price below the market price. Operation Gordio, Cosa Nostra’s first drug deal It is the production and trafficking of trafficking the most profitable activity for the mafia. It is one of the details that emerges from the Gordio operation carried out this night by the carabinieri of the provincial command of Palermo and by Dia and which led to 81 arrests. Five criminal organizations supplied the drug dealing squares of Palermo, the province (Partinico, Borgetto, Trappeto, Balestrate, Camporeale and Montelepre) and Trapani. Cocaine, through the ‘Guida’ group, came from lower Lazio or Campania, thanks to agreements with the Camorra and in particular with the brothers Giovanni and Raffaele Visiello, exponents of the Torre Annunziata clan. The supplies of hashish instead came from Palermo. At the head of each of the five organizations exponents already convicted of mafia association or strongly contiguous to Cosa Nostra. One group was promoted and directed by Michele Vitale, 53; one by Michele Casarrubia and his mother Antonina Vitale; another by Nicola Lombardo and Nunzio CassarĂ ; the fourth by the brothers Maurizio and Antonino Primavera and one by the brothers Gioacchino and Raffaela Guida together with Massimo Ferrara and Angelo Cucinella. The investigating judge, “possible imminent wars between clans for drugs” It was only the “need” not to compromise earnings derived from drug trafficking to avoid “the exacerbation of conflicts between the various groups”. It is one of the details highlighted by the investigating judge in the precautionary order. A “precarious balance”, the investigators underline, characterized “by a constant fibrillation at medium intensity that manifested itself with numerous damages, punitive expeditions and incendiary acts attributable to one or the other criminal association, always in the process of bringing about the clash to a higher level “. In the order, the investigating judge highlights “the image of a true and very alarming balkanization of Partinian criminal scenarios” which allows “to foresee future scenarios of new and perhaps imminent mafia wars in the Palermo province historically known as one of the most active in the area. drug trafficking criminal “.

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