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Vatican scandal, Marogna: “Nothing to hide on the fiduciary relationship with Becciu”


“Unchanged affection” for Cardinal Angelo Becciu. Thus the Cagliari manager Cecilia Marogna, who, through her attorney in action Riccardo Sindoca, comments to the Adnkronos the latest news relating to her collaboration with the former Substitute of the Vatican Secretariat of State, which has ended up at the center of the trial that will open Oltretevere on 27 July. Cecilia Marogna, Sindoca says, “having nothing to hide and conceal as evidenced by the relationship of trust between herself and Becciu and the service carried out in the exclusive interest of the Secretariat of State and the Holy See, has not and has never had no reason from having to distance himself both formally and substantially from the then His Excellency Most Reverend Cardinal Angelo Becciu against whom the affection nurtured remains unchanged “.” Rather – continues in the name of Marogna the expert on international law who is part of his defensive pool – it is not clear how it is possible that the Secretary of State, His Excellency Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who with his own email writes to Cecilia Marogna not to go to the Secretariat the week of her arrest then wanted in Italy, can declare himself to the obscure of the position of Cecilia Marogna, provided that the payments against the same had been authorized by the Holy Father himself as per chat of Cardinal Becciu occurred with Mons. Perlasca, and that they would certify without delay, as Becciu declared, the Secret was imposed by the Holy Father on the occasion of the interrogation requested by the Promotor of Justice. There is certainly a dichotomy between what the Holy Father requested in Becciu and Marogna and what was later authorized by the Holy Father by decree on 19 June. It should be noted that the Secretariat of State is duly informed of any investigation against its own staff and office and therefore the Secretary of State, considering what he could not and should not have been unaware of “.



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