Vatican scandal, decree: “Becciu-Marogna contacts even after the accusations”

Cardinal Angelo Becciu would have maintained contact with Cecilia Marogna even after learning of the accusations from the Vatican investigators against her, and this is one of the elements that leads the magistrates to believe that there has been no betrayal of trust by the Marogna towards of the cardinal, and that Becciu cannot “fail to be held responsible for this umpteenth act of distraction of public resources”, in relation to the 575 thousand euros of the Secretariat of State that would have been spent on luxury goods by the Cagliari manager. This is the conviction expressed by the investigators in the summons. Read also To prove these relationships is a service report drawn up as part of the security protection tasks by the Corps of the Gendarmerie in which the presence of the Marogna is documented, from 19 of 16 September 2020 to 11.49 of 17 September 2020 “inside the palace of the Holy Office where, among others, the private home of His Excellency Angelo Becciu is located”, a building where the manager also spends the night. “The attitude of the woman, immortalized the moment she entered the building with a suitcase, suggests – observe the Vatican investigators – a relationship between the cardinal and the self-styled expert in geopolitics that was well established and remained unchanged even after Mons. Alberto Perlasca, after the interrogation of 29-4-2020, had informed the cardinal of the suspicions that at the time the investigators were advancing on the woman “.

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