NewsLocalCovid vaccines, Gelmini: "Too many over 60s without protection,...

Covid vaccines, Gelmini: “Too many over 60s without protection, convince them”


Vaccines against covid, in Italy “there are still too many over sixties without protection” from the virus, even if it must be said that within this category the over 80 and over 70 are largely covered, otherwise with the Delta variant we would be living well Another film. The Minister for Regional Affairs Maria Stella Gelmini tells the ‘Corriere della Sera’ who observes: “Now the most difficult phase begins because with the decrease in infections, fear also decreases and unfortunately there are those who think they are waiting a little longer. “.” It is a dramatic mistake that must be avoided: if necessary – he tells Gelmini – by going to visit them at home “. More generally, Gelmini says that” the vaccination campaign is achieving extraordinary results: at the beginning of next week we will reach the 20 million Italians immunized. Almost 40 percent of the audience of vaccinators “.



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