Covid, 300 health workers resort to Tar Brescia against vaccination obligation

There are about three hundred health workers and doctors from Cremona, Brescia, Bergamo and Mantua, who have appealed to the TAR of Brescia to request the cancellation of the vaccination obligation. The hearing will be held on July 14th. “It is not a no vax battle, but a democratic battle. Here a person is forced to take a risk otherwise he is prevented from practicing” explains the lawyer Daniele Granara who presented the appeal, as writes’ Il Giornale di Brescia ‘. “Italy – reads the pages of the appeal – is the only country in the European Union to provide for the mandatory vaccination for certain categories of subjects for the prevention of Sars-CoV-2”. The appeal, it is further explained, “is based on the constitutional illegitimacy, under multiple profiles, of domestic law and European law, of an obligation relating to a vaccine whose safety or efficacy is not guaranteed, since the scientific community is unanimous in considering the experimentation carried out as insufficient, both from an objective point of view and from a temporal point of view “. Medical Order “To colleagues and health professionals who have initiated an appeal against the obligation to vaccinate the TAR of Brescia, I remind you that the Constitutional Court states that it is not an obligation, but a requirement to practice the health profession. Obviously, when the requirement is to get vaccinated, professionals must decide: if they want to be doctors, they must vaccinate “, explains Filippo Anelli, president of the National Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo) to Adnkronos Salute. “A doctor who, ideologically, fights against the vaccine – continues Anelli – is subject to disciplinary proceedings. This is because a doctor who does not believe in vaccines is like an engineer who does not believe in mathematics. How do you do it?”, He says. Rings convinced that the appeal “is more a way to take time than to get to the cancellation of the obligation, legally very well defined”, concludes by underlining that among the applicants “doctors are a small minority, this does not mean that there is no a problem, but it’s limited in numbers “

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