Covid today Piedmont, 35 infections: July 3 bulletin

There are 35 coronavirus infections in Piedmont today, 3 July, according to data from the region’s bulletin. No deaths were recorded. The new cases (of which 4 after antigenic tests) are equal to 0.1% of 24,818 swabs performed, of which 20,420 antigenic. Of the 35 newly infected, 14 are asymptomatic (40%). The cases are divided as follows: 9 screenings, 20 case contacts, 6 with ongoing investigation; by area: 0 RSA / Social-Welfare Structures, 1 school, 34 general population. There are 9 hospitalized in intensive care (-2 compared to yesterday). Non-intensive care patients are 97 (-42 compared to yesterday). There are 648 people in home isolation. No deaths of people positive for the Covid-19 test have been reported by the Crisis Unit of the Region.

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