Vatican scandal, decree: “Perlasca reported investigative questions about Marogna to Becciu and he said ‘porci'”

“Pigs”. This is how the magistrates of the Office of the Promoter of Justice, Cardinal Angelo Becciu, would have called, after having learned that, during the interrogation of his former collaborator Monsignor Alberto Perlasca, they had mentioned the story of Cecilia Marogna. Msgr. Perlasca, whose interrogation took place only a few days after the report by the Nunciature of Ljubljana concerning the manager from Cagliari and her company Logsic. “Two days after the interrogation – writes Perlasca – I went to Cardinal Becciu and told him everything the magistrate had told me. He was very upset that this topic had been talked about (he said: what a pig!), And scolded me harshly for keeping the messages he had sent me on my phone and that I should have deleted them instead. I told him that I did not see the reason, since he had told me that the operation had been wanted by the Holy Father and therefore I thought I was acting correctly. On that occasion, he told me that he knew that woman, who was from Dis. He told me that he knew that a company would be established, but that he did not know that it had been established in Slovenia. “In a subsequent interrogation, Perlasca then recounts that when he referred questions to Becciu” about the Slovenian affair, he was actually very upset ( …) He made me download the Signal application, specifying that through this application the chats indelibly destroy themselves after a short time “. Then when I told him “that I had learned that the investigators had ascertained that the sums sent for the release of the nun had gone at least partially for discretionary expenses, he replied that the next day he would call the lady to reinstate what was wrongly withdrawn”. As reported by Perlasca, Vatican investigators underline, “it is particularly significant if we consider that at the time, at the end of April 2020, Angelo Becciu, as highlighted, was not even suspected of having participated in the commission of any crime”.

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