Vatican scandal, Tozi defense: “Ready to submit a referral application”

“I have not yet read the summons decree, a full-bodied decree, more complex than we would have expected because it also involves companies. I find it unacceptable for a trial to be set on July 27 because we are not given the time to organize a serious defense , adequate, worthy of the name “. The lawyer Ambra Giovene, defender, together with his colleague Marco Franco, of the Molise broker Gianluigi Torzi among the ten recipients of the subpoena in the context of the Vatican investigation that started from the scandal of the Sloane Avenue building in London told the Adnkronos. Read also “Obviously it is not just the decree but also the documents filed relating to three years of investigations – explains the criminal lawyer – we need to have the time to organize the defense. For now, I can only speak in my own name, and not that of the other defendants because the defendants are different, but we are ready to present a request for referral. I am confident that the president Giuseppe Pignatone who is an extremely responsible person will be able to carefully evaluate our needs “.” For us – reaffirms the lawyer Giovene – it will be necessary to agree on a request for postponement: not a pretext postponement but one that serves everyone to make a shared reflection on acts that are very complex. Think – he underlines – of the need to appoint one or more consultants, to meet clients and on this I must say that Torzi’s position is the most disadvantaged of all. awaiting extradition from England for a precautionary detention order issued by the Italian judge ”.

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