Euro 2020, Sgarbi: “Kneeling has lost dignity”

The act of kneeling has become a fashion and therefore has lost its dignity. Vittorio Sgarbi’s opinion is clear and, with AdnKronos, he comments on the gesture made by the national team players before the kick-off of the match they played yesterday against Belgium. Read also “One kneels in church – argues Sgarbi – But this is becoming a fashion and therefore loses its dignity. I hear about this kneeling and every time there will be a reason: once we kneel because a motorist died, another time because a child was raped. The ritual of kneeling, however, is proper to the Church, in the sense that one kneels only before God because his superiority is recognized “. But in a different context” it is also an ambiguous signal “:” Every other condition is a submission, an ambiguous formula, it is not clear why to kneel and in front of whom. If someone wants to kneel, do it, but if everyone does it becomes a fashion and a kind of worry because then they scold you for not doing it ”. A fashion that is so strong, and also present in the world of football, that it even puts into question the sporting result achieved by the team by Mancini. Sgarbi in fact closes with a joke: “We won standing up and therefore ours is a questionable victory”, says the critic jokingly.

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