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English fans in Rome, D’Amato: “We trust in respect for the rules”


“Worried about the arrival of the British? Let’s see. We’ve given ourselves some strict rules so let’s hope everything goes well.” This was stated by the Councilor for Health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato, accompanied by the Health Director of the Francesco Vaia Institute, during the visit of the Spallanzani Institute on the occasion of the first day of boosters, of the Pfizer vaccine, to children aged 12 at 16 years old. “There is a very important plan prepared by the Interior Ministry and the prefect of Rome is doing an extraordinary job. We give the maximum collaboration and we trust in the respect of the rules”. White zone “Will we stay in the white zone? Yes. We have to be pragmatic. We have already had the variants and the Delta is certainly a faster variant, in terms of incidence but it is fought by increasing the vaccination, with all the vaccines available”. “All vaccines, obviously completing the vaccination process, allow to cover the effect of this variant. It is therefore important to accelerate – underlined D’Amato -. We have recalled all the over 60s, anticipating AstraZeneca to 56 days. We are promoting very proactively also Johnson “. “With a publication in the New York Times, we saw yesterday that it thwarts the variant. We must therefore use all the weapons at our disposal.” a week “says D’Amato. “But it is the lesser evil, compared to an objective drop in supplies. The important thing is to reach the goal we have set ourselves. That is to reach the 8th of August to have 70% of the population over 12 in double dose. convinced that we will make it “. Vaccines boys” Today we are here for the calls of the Juniors, it is an important moment. 40,000 children between this and next week will finish the vaccination course. A significant number in the 12 – 16 range. a group more exposed to variants and contagion. It is therefore very important to complete this vaccination process “. “Subsequently, once the supplies arrive, we will make sure – continued D’Amato -, to involve free choice pediatricians who unfortunately have been put on standby at this stage pending the arrival of the doses of Pfizer “. This “precisely because the age group between 12 and 16 works all with Pfizer. It seems to me that, in any case, we are proceeding smoothly”.



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