School, Gissi (Cisl): “Dad not vaccinated? Difficult without vaccination obligation”

“I find it very complex to deny the right to study, if there is no vaccination obligation, to those who have not been vaccinated. I think these are extreme interpretations which, however, must be combined with common sense. I would make an assessment only where there should be a ‘ formalized action by the competent bodies “. The national secretary of CISL school, Maddalena Gissi, intervenes with Adnkronos on the risk of discriminatory measures on quarantines and Dad for unvaccinated students. “The right to education – he continues – cannot be denied to anyone. It must be combined with that of health. If there are problems with new variants and clusters, surely the competent bodies will have to ensure that the pandemic does not spread further. This is why I think that without being overwhelmed by evaluations of an ideological nature, each act must be considered in the light of what is happening or could happen. The dad is to all intents and purposes a didactic modality that cannot be excluded from the activities and it is an emergency didactic modality. of necessity it will be used “.

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