Hot and muggy returns, from Monday 5 July peaks at 40 ° C: that’s where

African anticyclone in the limelight. After the past thunderstorm expected over the weekend, already from Monday 5th a vast high pressure field of subtropical origin will embrace almost all of Italy causing a significant increase in temperatures that will reach peaks of 40 ° C. In short, we will be back in an “oven” again for a good part of next week except for short and isolated breaks, explain the experts of But let’s go in order to better understand where the heat will hit hardest, with the updated trend of the official APP: Starting with our analysis from Monday 5 July, we expect a decisive comeback of the infamous African anticyclone: ​​the second wave will take effect of intense heat of this early summer. At the moment extremely high thermals are expected, especially starting from Wednesday 7, with peaks of over 25/28 ° C at 1500 meters above sea level, that is the altitude that experts need to evaluate the incoming air masses. it will likely result in a new surge in thermometers, which could easily exceed 40 ° C in the maximum values, especially on the two major islands and in the South. This time, however, it will be really hot everywhere, with highs over 35/37 ° C which could be quite frequent in the Center-North as well. Among other things, everything will be complicated by high levels of humidity, which will make the heat wave unbearable, especially in large urban centers. But beware of Thursday 8 July when the passage of cooler and more unstable air at high altitude could greatly destabilize the atmosphere in the North; if this were to be confirmed, strong thunderstorms should not be excluded, first on the Alps and Prealps, then in extension to the nearby plains. with seasonal forecasts.

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