Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Saviano: “They beat everyone except Camorra”

“Who is it that has not been beaten among the inmates of Santa Maria Capua Vetere? Who is it that has not been chosen among the inmates to be punished? The answer is simple for those who know the life of prisons and its internal power relations, not to the Camorra prisoners and the white-collar workers of the Camorra and politics were beaten up “. Roberto Saviano writes it in the Corriere della Sera, who adds: “But let’s ask ourselves what the result of that beating is. This: every inmate knows that he must be protected, every inmate will try to join a “criminal organization. From tomorrow pickpockets will become killers, petty drug dealers in the service of cartels, from tomorrow those who enter prison know that they will not defend the law,”. “It is no coincidence – he continues – that not only prisoners commit suicide in prison, but also many prison police officers. This hell, which politics does not deal with except for propaganda, is hell for all the people involved. prison today is this: crime multiplier “. “And do you know what the worst news is? – asks Saviano – That today’s indignation will pair with tomorrow’s indifference. Until it becomes clear that whoever commits a crime, that whoever is tried, judged and convicted must to have, in its path, obligatorily reintegration into society, until this, which seems obvious, will not become an acquisition shared by all – he concludes – the greatest guarantor of the existence and prosperity of the mafias will be the State and we will be the his accomplices “.

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