NewsLocalDelta Italia variant, Sileri: "No lockdown or red zones"

Delta Italia variant, Sileri: “No lockdown or red zones”


“For the Delta variant we don’t have to worry too much because we know it doesn’t evade vaccines. Anyone who says vaccines aren’t safe for the Delta variant is saying nonsense. Vaccines work for the Delta variant. We need to complete the second doses, go ahead and vaccinate the population as much as possible “. This was stated by Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, guest of ‘Timeline’ on Sky Tg24. “There will be a resurgence with an increase in cases – Sileri predicts – because this variant is more widespread than the other, but numbers that come from the United Kingdom, where unfortunately this variant has found an important habitat, show that with the same number of cases with those of the third wave there is no increase in ICU admissions or deaths. This means that vaccination, even with the first dose, will certainly not give full coverage as with the second, but we are well defended ” . “I don’t think of waves like the ones we saw in October and January-February. And I don’t even see lockdowns or red zones”, Sileri underlines. “No alarmism – he assures – let’s say things as they are. so much of the Delta variant because the vaccination campaign is not yet completed. We have 35 million Italians who have had at least one dose of vaccine and about half who have completed the vaccination cycle, so we are not far from the objectives. fixed goals, but we are still halfway there before we can see full effectiveness. We must reach at least 70-80 of the population over 12 years vaccinated. This is why caution must still be exercised. This is why we still have to check who arrives and who leaves “. But” vaccines work – Sileri reiterates – we continue to protect ourselves and keep our distance. The mask outdoors is no longer needed, you put it in your pocket and wear it only if there is a crowd, in short, let’s be calm “.



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