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‘What an effort life as a Bomber’, irony and social superstition for Euro 2020


The ‘Bomber Life’? An effort, yes, but also a pride and immense satisfaction for Emanuele Stivala and Fabio Tocco, founder of the community ‘Che Fatica la Vita da Bomber’, who have made a trademark of the irony on sport. A winning brand, in this case, with millions of users reached every month between Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitch and that from the first posts – “started for fun”, they explain – has gradually transformed over time into a real company . Contacted by Adnkronos for a comment on tonight’s match between Italy and Belgium, the two immediately put their hands on: “Why, what’s up tonight? Is something happening?”. The reason is soon said: “We live Europeans in a very superstitious way, for some days we have been coming out with phrases like ‘so much France wins’, ‘so much Germany or Belgium wins’ and it is working … But we don’t want to do it today – they joke -, also because we were invited by Rai Sport to participate in ‘Notti Europee’ for a sort of social corner and it would be really bad to start like this! “. But there is no escape from the question of who the Euro 2020 bomber is: “Mbappé – they reply in unison -, thanks to him, Italy also rejoiced. There will be others, but for now it’s him … Even if Marco Rossi – the Italian coach of Hungary, ed – is another who has given us some joys. He too is the bomber for now “. Millions of users reached, thousands of followers who follow the posts of the superstitious Emanuele and Fabio : “Sometimes they are nicer than us, with comments that might be better than copy. But it’s a large community and clearly you touch people’s creativity,” they explain, adding: “In copy we often write ‘be polite’ and this thing is respected, users have understood the type of post, of irony and we consider ourselves lucky “. But what does it mean to lead a community with these numbers and, above all, right now? “It’s cool, a pride, a satisfaction but also a responsibility”, they reply. Because “with our way of speaking we have the opportunity to influence those who follow us. What we tend to do is to maintain an ironic tone, never vulgar, light. We talk about football which is our passion, but in reality all sports, in our way “and” in the end you find yourself not only posting as a community, but experiencing real storytelling like Emanuele and Fabio, founders, but also the face of the community “through dedicated formats. A job that “we also do for brands, companies: we tailor the project and when a brand arrives we like to tell things in our own way, we invent a format that could simply be ‘A casa di …’. ‘ What are you willing to do ‘or the delivery of our Oscar to advertise that product. ” Because, they explain, ‘What a hard time life as a bomber’ “is in effect our job, and we have employees today: the one who started for fun, the one who was just Facebook or Instagram with nice posts and copy, today is a real company made up of graphics, creatives, videomakers or a little more institutional “.” When did everything change? When the page was no longer just a page – they answer -, but it became a brand. what differentiates us is that ours has gradually become the most clicked hashtag in the world regarding the community, a unique word, a concept and it is that thing in which – regardless of how old you are, from the child of 6 years of playing football with his grandfather – more or less everyone reflects in their own way. Then the explosion with the t-shirts, the book with Mondadori, the formats on Italia1. And if you ask us if we imagined it, the answer is no. Not at all. “Something related to ‘What a hard time life as a Bomber’ to remember or of which you are particular mind proud? The answer tends towards the “romantic: during the pandemic we launched the dribbles with toilet paper which then went around the world. That challenge was taken up by many players – from Totti to Messi just to name two -, and allowed us to collect an important sum that we then destined to the hospital in our city, Biella. It was nice, but also a surprise. And there is one thing in particular that made us really happy: the players trusted the challenge of ‘CFLVB’ recognizing it as a serious matter and for this reason they donated together with the users “.



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