• Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Tisanoreica: launches new “Glycemic Friendly” line


May 11, 2021

From today Tisanoreica is also ‘Glycemic Friendly’. The company led by the entrepreneur and scientific popularizer Gianluca Mech, committed to proposing “innovative products for special dietary needs and linked to the concept of well-being”, in fact launches a new line with an innovative formulation feature: resistant starch. “The new ‘Glycemic Friendly’ line not only affects blood sugar, as it has always been, but by replacing traditional flours with resistant starch, it contributes to reducing the increase in post-prandial blood glucose”, says Gianluca Mech, adding: “It can be very useful, therefore, not only for those who want to lose weight but also for those who want to keep their weight and blood sugar under control”. Starch is a carbohydrate made up of several glucose molecules. Once ingested, a fraction of it – resistant starch, in fact – leaves the small intestine without being digested and about 10% reaches the large intestine where, together with other fibers, it acts as a prebiotic, explains the company in a note. The name “resistant” derives from the fact that the organism is unable to digest it and therefore its behavior is very similar to that of fibers. Like fibers, resistant starch has several beneficial functions for the body, as it promotes the digestive process (including intestinal regularity), has a prebiotic action, promotes the sense of satiety as well as the reduction of glucose in the blood after Starting from this assumption, the company underlines, “Tisanoreica ‘Glycemic Friendly’ products can be taken by overweight or weight-conscious people; who are looking for or want a low glycemic index diet; who follow the diet (even in the ketogenic phase); who wish to lose weight or simply want a meal or snack that combines well-being and goodness “.