University: dialogue between scholars, artists, doctors and psychologists at La Sapienza

The value of contact for shared emotions in the care of people. On this ground the dialogue “Touch without escape for shared emotions” between artists, doctors, psychologists and scholars of different disciplines opens this evening. The meeting is an evening to witness the precious contribution that music, poetry and art can give to the inclusion and care of the human being while respecting the dignity and the patient. The initiative is promoted by the Sapienza University of Rome and is held at 5.45 pm at the headquarters of the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology, in the new building of the Sant’Andrea hospital, in via di Grottarossa. The sculptor Felice Tagliaferri participates in the dialogue and the artist expresses himself in a surprise ‘instant performance’ next to his work ‘Luminescence’, a half-length sculpture of a woman with bare breasts and a shaved skull who lives in the present. his illness but his gaze is turned to the future. The work – which remains on display until 31 July next to the entrance to the Faculty – is a tribute to all women and aims to represent human frailty in the face of a disease that engages the individual in a path, often difficult, which induces to reconsider the founding values ​​of their existence. Together with the artist, the very young Frida Magoni Bollani performs some pieces on the piano and the writer and poet Valerio Magrelli brings her verses to express the emotions of the universal language of art. The appointment at La Sapienza “wants to underline the value of contact at the center of every care relationship, after a long time suspended”. The theme is dealt with literally ‘tact’, thanks to the fingers of a visually impaired pianist who touch the keys of her piano, to the hands of a blind sculptor capable of letting the material “provoke contagion if touched in its last fibers” , paraphrasing a poem by Magrelli. The meeting is conducted by the psychoanalyst and professor of Sapienza Vittorio Lingiardi and the event is introduced by the Rector of Sapienza, Antonella Polimeni, together with the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology, Fabio Lucidi, coordinator of the Technical Scientific Committee on Diversity and inclusion, a body recently established by Sapienza with the aim of supporting equality and integration and promoting policies for inclusion.

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