Delta variant, Johnson & Johnson: “Vaccine protects”

Delta variant, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine protects. This is said by the American manufacturer itself, explaining that it develops “a neutralizing antibody activity against the Delta variant” of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus, “at an even higher level than that recently observed for the Beta variant in South Africa, where it has been shown to be highly effective against severe / critical forms of the disease “. The information was released by J&J, announcing the data of a pre-publication presented today by the US company to the pre-print platform ‘bioRxiv’, relating to “a new analysis of blood samples obtained from a subset of participants (8) Phase 3 Ensemble Studio “. Duration of protection “The humoral and cellular immune responses generated by Janssen’s single-dose anti-Covid vaccine lasted for at least 8 months” according to “the last observation reported to date”. “The data showed that T cell responses – including CD8 + cells that recognize and destroy infected cells – are persistent over the 8 months tested.” “The current data so far reaches 8 months of observation and shows that Johnson & Johnson’s single dose vaccine against Covid-19 generates a strong neutralizing antibody response that does not decrease over time; indeed, an increase is observed – says Mathai Mammen. Global Head, Janssen Research & Development, J&J – In addition, we see a persistent and particularly robust and long-lasting cellular immune response. “” With each new dataset – he concludes – we strengthen the evidence base showing that our single dose vaccine against Covid-19 plays a fundamental role in being able to put an end to the pandemic, which continues to evolve and launch new challenges to global health “.

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