Covid vaccines, Zangrillo against Ricciardi

Alberto Zangrillo against Walter Ricciardi for a tweet on vaccines and the covid that generates “confusion and psychological terrorism” as Zangrillo writes on Twitter. The head of anesthesia and resuscitation of the Irccs San Raffaele in Milan, comments on an answer given on the social by Walter Ricciardi, consultant to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza for the Covid emergency and professor of Hygiene at the Catholic University of Rome. To those who ask him “for weeks all the experts have been repeating that vaccines protect against serious illness / hospitalization before infection (see Uk data on Delta) and today suddenly the exact opposite is claimed?”, Ricciardi replies. “This is how it is and for this we must vaccinate as much as possible. But @yaneerbaryam”, he adds referring to Yaneer Bar-Yam, an American scientist specializing in complex systems, “he says that if you get Covid vaccinated the risk is similar so it is good be careful”. Hence Zangrillo’s comment. “Confusion and psychological terrorism. We missed them”, writes the resuscitation physician of San Raffaele.

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