Third dose vaccines, Italy will be ready

Delta variant and related infections worry Italy. But in the event of a third dose, what will Italy do? “We are thinking about it. We have made some purchase options with the Ministry of Health, there will certainly be the doses, then it must be science to tell us after how long and if the recall should be injected, we are ready and we are gearing up. philosophy is to go to general practitioners, pharmacies, hospitals but slowly get out of the logic of large hubs “. This is what was explained yesterday by the extraordinary commissioner for the covid emergency, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, who today returned to talk about the quantity of doses available in the country.

Read also The doses available, he assures, “are absolutely sufficient to maintain the average rate of 500 thousand doses per day, which will lead us to reach the milestone of 80% of vaccinated Italians at the end of September”. ” We – he then added Son – let’s vaccinate anyone who needs to be vaccinated wherever they are, it is clear that then the information systems need to be aligned, the Regions are doing it, the commissioner structure rebalances doses. We have the doses for everyone, then if someone thought of finishing the campaign to say that he is better than everyone at the end of July, he will not be able to do it, he will not be able to say that he is the best of all but will have to finish like the others at end of September “. ” The numbers are not an opinion, in July we will have the same doses of RNA vaccine as in June, the problem is linked to the agendas because clearly many Regions have planned the agendas well before the new health prescriptions of Cts on AstraZeneca. ” This was stated by the extraordinary commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo today in Cascia, assuring that “in July we will be able to ensure a quantity of doses that will allow the Regions to make an average overall of 500 thousand administrations per day, nationwide “.

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