Delta variant, Bassetti: “Wave in autumn? Lockdown only for unvaccinated”

“There will come to a point where it will be said: the lockdown concerns the unvaccinated”. Matteo Bassetti, head of infectious diseases at the San Martino hospital in Genoa, proposes it to Adnkronos Salute Matteo Bassetti, on the hypothesis of a new wave of Covid-19 in autumn. “We can do what we want, but from August the Delta variant will predominate – he explains – The only way we will have to defend ourselves from the Delta variant will be to have 85% of Italians vaccinated for October 15 with 2 doses. If we arrive as of October 15 with 85% vaccinated, the Delta variant will make us a whisker, but if we get there with 65% it will be painful. If we have, and I hope not, 30% of Italians who are not vaccinated – warns l ‘expert – it means that we will have 16-17 million potentially susceptible people and it is too much. Also because the unvaccinated are distributed in all age categories. And I understand that there are still a slice of skeptics even among the 80s and 90s “. So how are we going to do it? “I believe that we cannot afford closures, it would be too serious – says Bassetti – It means that we have not made Italians understand how important vaccination is. At that point – he speculates – we will need to further tighten the measures against those who do not vaccine: are you not vaccinated? Do not go out. Have you decided not to vaccinate yourself, to put your health at risk, but also that of others? “On the other hand – concludes the infectious disease specialist – once I gave you all the possibilities, I explained to you, I brought you the vaccine door to door, on the top of the mountain and you didn’t want to do it, if there are any measures restrictive will obviously concern only the unvaccinated “.

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