Thunderstorms on the weekend, then the heat returns: weather 2-4 July

We are preparing to experience an often stormy weekend in the northern regions. This burst of thunderstorms will anticipate the return of the African anticyclone in style next week. The team of the site informs that between Saturday and Sunday the high pressure will temporarily leave the northern regions. The weather will begin to change already on Saturday when, especially from the afternoon, thunderstorms will develop that from the Alps will extend to the Prealps and high plains of the Northwest in the evening. On the night of Saturday on Sunday the thunderstorms will concentrate on the Triveneto where the awakening of July 4th will be very unstable. On Sunday, cooler air at high altitude will mix with the pre-existing warmer one, favoring the formation of frequent thunderstorms that can affect most of the northern regions. The phenomena could be very strong and with hailstorms and sudden gusts of wind. On the other hand, the sky is very cloudy in the Center and more serene in the South. This storm will end as early as the beginning of next week with residual precipitation on Monday in the Triveneto area. At the same time, the African anticyclone will gradually return to protect all of Italy. Thus will begin the second heat wave which this time should affect the whole country. It is estimated that temperatures from Wednesday 7 July will reach peaks of 38 ° C in the North and up to 42 ° C in the Center. IN DETAIL Friday 2. In the North: many clouds in the Northeast, in the afternoon thunderstorms on the reliefs of the Triveneto. Center: many clouds over the Adriatic, local rains. In the south: sunny. Saturday 3. In the north: very cloudy or overcast, thunderstorms over the Alps. In the center: scattered clouds. In the south: sunny. Sunday 4. In the north: gradually storms over many regions. In the center: irregular clouds. In the south: partly cloudy. From Monday pressure increasing with good weather, then African heat wave.

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