Covid, cases increase in Europe: Delta variant worries

Contagions from Covid-19 in Europe return to increase, where the spread of the Delta Variant is worrying. The alarm comes from the WHO which reports a 10% increase in cases in Europe in one week, mainly due to travel and displacement. In Italy, the numbers are still encouraging on the Covid front: the cases recorded yesterday were 882 cases, with a positivity rate of 0.5%. Victims, hospitalizations and intensive care are falling. But Prime Minister Mario Draghi warns: “The pandemic is not over. Ready to intervene if it worsens.” Meanwhile, the EMA has assured that two doses of the four approved vaccines protect against the Delta variant. WHO Analyzing the various countries, WHO cites the case of Portugal, which yesterday recorded the highest number of infections in a day since February, and Spain which recorded a sharp increase in infections among the twenties and adolescents. In Russia there is a record of deaths from complications attributable to Covid-19: yesterday it reported 672 deaths, with infections on the rise. On the other hand, cases in Germany remain low, where 892 cases have been reported. It is worse in the United Kingdom, where in the last 24 hours there have been almost 28 thousand new infections, the highest number reported since January 29 And from the WHO confirmation has arrived: in Europe in August the Delta variant of the coronavirus “ will be dominant ” he said Kluge, explaining that the cases of Delta have already surpassed those of Alfa, which is the English variant. And this has already translated into an increase in deaths and hospital admissions. “By August the region will not be fully vaccinated,” continued Kluge, recalling that 63 percent of the European population is still waiting for the first dose of the vaccine. In August, he stressed, Europe ” will be mostly unrestricted, with travel and rallies on the rise ”. DRAGHI “More than a year after the outbreak of the health crisis, we can finally think about the future with greater confidence. The vaccination campaign is proceeding swiftly, in Italy and in Europe. After months of isolation and distance, we have resumed most of our interactions The economy and education have restarted. But we must be realistic. The pandemic is not over. Even when it is, we will have to deal with its consequences for a long time, “said Prime Minister Mario Draghi in his speech at the Accademia dei Lincei. EMA Two doses of the vaccine protect against the Delta variant of the coronavirus. “It appears that the four vaccines authorized in the EU protect against all variants” of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus, “including Delta”, the one identified for the first time in India, says EMA, the European drug agency. . “The first data suggest that two doses of the vaccine protect against the Delta variant and that the antibodies deriving from the approved vaccines neutralize the variant,” adds Ema via social. EUROPEAN FOOTBALL From Catherine Smallwood, senior emergency officer at the European office of the World Health Organization, an appeal has come: Cities hosting European football matches should look beyond stadiums and pay attention to the movements of supporters. This is to avoid super-diffusing events while the Covid-19 contagion grows in Europe. Smallwood said that “we must look beyond stadiums” to reduce infections.

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