• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Vaccini Italia, Figliuolo: “1 million doses a day with doctors and pharmacies”


May 11, 2021

Italy could reach one million anti Covid vaccines administered per day with the help of family doctors and pharmacies. The emergency commissioner, Army general Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, says this in an interview with ‘La Stampa’. “The categorical imperative is to accelerate. We have already done a lot, but we have to lengthen the pace. My goal is to exceed 500 thousand administrations per day by June”, he says, explaining that “in Italy there are about 43 thousand family doctors and 20 thousand pharmacies. . If every doctor inoculated ten vaccines a day, we would get 430,000 more doses to which another 100,000 could be added for the role of pharmacies. The forecasts are approximate, but if we add to these projections what we already do we can succeed “. Read also ” The delivery of vaccines could take advantage of the already established system of drug distribution – he explains – While for the cold chain there is no problem, because once unpacked the vials can be kept in a normal refrigerator. I repeat that we need to accelerate and June is the key month, the right one to give the push. It would therefore be advisable for vaccines for general practitioners and pharmacies to be sorted from each Region. Also because after there are two months in which many Italians will go on vacation and the vaccination campaign must end by September ”. Speaking of holidays, is it possible to carry out the second dose of vaccine in a holiday resort, in a region other than that of residence? ” Yes, it is currently already possible to get vaccinated outside the Region, but only for special needs. It cannot be the practice, and for the holidays we are reflecting together with the Regions to find possible further organizational methods ”. ” Up to now we have inoculated two doses of the vaccine to almost 7 and a half million Italians, while between those who received only the first dose and those who had both, the total administration amounts to 24 million – he underlines – Now we aim for the pay attention to those regions that have not yet reached 80 percent of those over 80 immunized ”. Herd immunity? ” For this to be possible, 80 percent of the population needs to be vaccinated. Objective that we plan to reach at the end of September. But two important steps are also the previous months, when we will be able to have 60 and 70 percent of the vaccinated. Today we are around 15 percent ”. In June, he explains, “ the aim is to obtain between 23 and 25 million doses by the end of June ”