• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Pfizer Lazio, D’Amato: “Sold out? We can’t force people”


May 11, 2021

” There was a run-up to Pfizer drugs and they sold out. For this we have postponed the second dose to 35 days, as recommended by the Scientific Technical Committee. In order to recover 100 thousand slots for the first administration ”. The councilor for health of the Lazio Region Alessio D’Amato explains this in an interview with ‘Corriere della Sera’. Read also The possibility of choosing, he adds, ” must be given and guaranteed. We cannot be forced to make a single type of vaccine ”. ” We have always made available all the vaccines we have, leaving freedom of choice, according to availability – he underlines – The final word is still up to the doctor during the anamnesis . But it is useless to keep them in the refrigerators ”. ” With a greater number of Pfizer supplies – he continues – From June we will have 30% more doses ”. And on the hypothesis that this is a way to dispose of AstraZeneca, D’Amato specifies: “ An erroneous insinuation because between those we have and those that will arrive by May we have just the doses to cover the AstraZeneca calls of 160 thousand between operators of the forces order and school staff ”.