Euro 2020, Costa: “I’m more worried about Lukaku than English in Rome”

“There is a very precise rule that must be respected: for every Englishman who arrives there is a five-day quarantine and this will not allow the fans who left in the last few days to go and see the England-Ukraine match scheduled for Saturday in Rome , “I therefore think they will stay at home”. This was stated by Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa, guest of ‘The Breakfast Club’ on Radio Capital, commenting on the possible arrival of English fans in the capital for the Euro 2020 quarter-final challenge. Read also “This quarantine will be monitored. huge numbers, so the controls will not be difficult. As an Italian I am more worried by Lukaku than by the arrival of the English fans “, adds Costa referring to the Belgian striker, opponent of the Azzurri in the quarterfinals. On the possibility of blocking flights arriving from the United Kingdom to prevent English fans from landing in Italy, Costa says: “The ordinance on the mandatory quarantine is already very restrictive. At this moment there is no need for a total block.” Then, on the final in London: “I hope UEFA will make a common sense decision – hopes Costa -. In England there is no situation that allows you to face the event with confidence. We are in a moment of emergency so we cannot face it with ordinary tools. I hope UEFA will also consider changing the venue for the final or the rules on stadium capacity. If everything is confirmed, UEFA must take responsibility for this choice. “

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