• Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Report, the witness of the Renzi-Mancini meeting speaks


May 10, 2021

Matteo Renzi and the ‘Autogrill case’, the witness speaks to Report. “I witnessed a meeting between Matteo Renzi and a man whom I did not recognize, but whose identity I learned from your service. It seemed strange to me that a senator from the Italian Republic saw himself with a person who was already waiting for him accompanied by others. two spare in a secluded area of ​​a motorway restaurant “, explains the teacher who on 23 December took up the meeting between the leader of Italia Viva with his mobile phone, returning from the Rebibbia prison where he had gone to visit to Denis Verdini, and the director of the Dis, Department of Security Information, Marco Mancini. Read also The woman that day told of having stopped at that same motorway restaurant in Fiano Romano (of which the senator presented a complaint to acquire the images of the cameras) to allow her father, forced – he himself tells Report – to take drugs “powerful enough” diuretics, to go to the bathroom. Renzi, who has repeatedly questioned the existence of the witness, among the provocatively posed questions asked how it was possible that the cell phone could have resumed 40 minutes of the meeting without discharging. “I have not filmed all 40 minutes, the video lasts 28 seconds” replies promptly the woman, who remained a short distance from the two until both got back into their respective cars. Renzi in the direction of Florence “I know because he passed us at the Roma Nord tollbooth, while I no longer crossed the car of his interlocutor, even though I didn’t go at high speed” the woman says again. having managed to hear the “grizzled man” take leave of Renzi, telling him that he would remain “available”. “I heard them because they approached the cars, and therefore mine, and I had the window slightly open”, clarifies the teacher. Renzi wonders why that video was released four months later. “But I sent the film on December 31, at 11, to the web editorial office of a national newspaper. I never received an answer to that email”, replies the person concerned. Tucillo writes to Ranucci: “Never relations with Tarantula, nor information a Report ‘”” I have never had professional and economic relationships of any kind with any Luxembourg company, including the Tarantola production company. I have never been a paid source of any radio and television broadcast and in the case of Report, despite having been contacted by Danilo Procaccianti on the occasion of the investigation on Alitalia and Piaggio last November, I preferred not to provide information or intervene “. Francesco Maria Tuccillo writes it in a message sent to the editorial staff of Report and published by the broadcast on twitter, after that in a parliamentary question signed by the deputy of Italy Viva Luciano Nobili he is mentioned as a hypothetical source of the service “Fasten your belts”, ‘covered’ source that would have been paid with a 45 thousand euro invoice that would have been paid by Rai to a Luxembourg company, Tarantula. However, the former manager of Finmeccanica and Piaggio Aerospace denies any involvement in the letter sent to Sigfrido Ranucci.