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Ricciardi: “Delta variant like wildfire, the pandemic is not over”


The “pandemic” of covid-19 “is far from over. A context is arising in which the Delta variant and the Delta bis variant are expanding like wildfire. It is therefore wise to wear masks when not it is certain that the people, within an environment, are all vaccinated or immune. In a controlled work environment or in the family they can also be removed, but without absolute certainty it is good that they are brought “. To tell Adnkronos Health is Walter Ricciardi, consultant to the Minister of Health for the coronavirus emergency and professor of Hygiene at the Catholic University of Rome, commenting on the decision of the Los Angeles authorities where the obligation to wear a mask indoors was reintroduced even among vaccinated, precisely because of the concerns due to the Delta variant of Sars-CoV-2. “The mask indoors could also be removed in environments where you are sure that there are only vaccinated. But when you do not know if there is even one unvaccinated, the mask must be kept even if you are immunized” , he reiterates. “It is a good rule”, adds Ricciardi, underlining that in the USA “the pandemic is regaining force, especially where there is poor vaccination coverage, cases are recovering in an important way. the goal of vaccinating 80% of Americans by July 4 has been achieved, as President Biden promised. And it will not be met because there are significant pockets of vaccination hesitation. So local health authorities should take the lead. precautionary measures necessary where the circulation of the virus is still intense “, he says. In Europe, the spotlight is on Great Britain. “I hope that the English fans do not arrive in Rome. The circulation of the Delta variant in Great Britain is so intense and out of control that it is advisable to avoid a large opening. We have put a precautionary measure which is the 5-day quarantine. Because the match is in 4 days, I hope that any flow will stop “, he says referring to the England-Ukraine European football match that will be played on Saturday at the Olympic stadium in Rome.



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