• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Covid, Sgarbi: “8 minutes for violation of the dpcm, illegitimate fines”


May 10, 2021

“From November 2020 to date I have been charged with eight reports for violations of the same number of dpcm”. This was announced by Vittorio Sgarbi who, in a video on his social media channels, lashes out against the sanctions that he defines as “illegitimate, whoever made them be ashamed”. The fines, disputed because “he did not wear a mask, did not respect the curfew and other things”, explains Sgarbi, “were all challenged”. The minutes “refer not only to ignorance of my health conditions and to the pathology that allows me not to wear a mask with a medical prescription”, the deputy sinks. “Every time I went around I did it on behalf of those who voted for me”, adds Sgarbi, according to whom it is therefore “eight illegitimate minutes that violate my freedom as a parliamentarian, my prerogatives. The fines are illegitimate,” put them somewhere else “, he concludes dryly.