• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Cacciari: “They stop me on my way home and instead to the Duomo …”


May 4, 2021

“They stopped me at 10.30 pm on my way home to an empty street in a deserted city. They could do the checks in Piazza del Duomo …”. Massimo Cacciari considers the rules that provide for curfew controls to be bizarre and he clearly says so to Cartabianca. “Instead of putting the policemen who stopped me alone, in a deserted city, on my way home at 10.30 pm. Did they give me a ticket? Absolutely not, they were very kind and very reasonable. They understand the absurdity of stopping a person late in a deserted street “, says the philosopher and political scientist. For 2 days we have been discussing the gatherings in Milan for the Inter Scudetto party. “They could have put the policemen around Piazza del Duomo. That would have made sense, even if I know it’s difficult. Then they tell me it’s impossible and I acknowledge it. But it’s absurd to stop a person on his way home …”.