Sixteen year old killed in Bologna, the arrested: “I’m sorry for Chiara, I’m confused”

(from the correspondent Antonietta Ferrante) – The ‘bold’ photos of social media leave room for awareness. “I am very sorry for Chiara, for the families, for everyone. I am very shaken and confused”. A few hours after the interrogation in which he confessed to having killed Chiara Gualzetti, with whom he met on Sunday morning in Montevigno (Bologna) and that he would have a crush on him, the teenager arrested for the murder of her peer in the center for minors of the Emilian capital she meets her lawyer Tanja Fonzari, she does not show her muscles but all her 16 years old, a number of candles that her friend and victim Chiara will no longer be able to blow out. “He is very shaken, he is starting to realize what happened. He is very confused, he is very sorry in general”, explains to Adnkronos the defender who tomorrow – in the late morning – will take part in the interrogation in front of the investigating judge, interrogation in which the 16-year-old would still be willing to answer. “He is accused of a murder, he was stopped, subjected to interrogation at night in the barracks river, he could not meet his parents, it would have been difficult for anyone to face the last 24 hours, to imagine for a boy like him”. to verify if the 16-year-old – who says he heard a demon that pushed him to stab his friend to death – was being treated by a psychologist: “it’s a topic to be explored”, says the lawyer. Just as the results are expected on the clean kitchen knife seized, along with his clothes, in the boy’s home in the Bolognese hills. If blood traces of the victim were to emerge, the circumstantial picture, already compromised by the confession, would be further strengthened. Few friends, a particular character, in his past there are no precedents that could represent an alarm bell. “The mother is surprised and destroyed, as are the teachers and everyone. It shocks me to think that in a moment the lives of two families can be destroyed and her life will remain forever marked”, concludes the defender who prefers not to enter into the merits. of the statements made by his client.

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