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Vaccines on vacation, agreement with Liguria for Lombardy and Piedmont


Vaccines on vacation, Liguria enters into agreements with Piedmont and Lombardy. If the vaccination reciprocity agreement signed by governors Toti and Cirio will be active from 1 July, Governor Fontana has communicated the sending of the draft to the Covid emergency commissioner Figliuolo. LOMBARDY “We are doing the evaluations, we have also sent the draft of what could be an agreement to Commissioner Figliuolo, after which we will make a decision”. This was stated by the Lombard governor, Attilio Fontana, on the sidelines of the press conference on the exhibition ‘Stories of the skyscraper – The 60 years of the Pirellone’ regarding the agreement between the Liguria Region and Lombardy for the administration of the second doses of the vaccine against Covid on vacation. “I talked to Toti about it because he called me – underlined Fontana -. We need to have a little calm and understand how much vaccines will be and how they will be distributed. It’s time to take your assessments calmly”. PIEDMONT In the meantime, the vaccination reciprocity agreement between Piedmont and Liguria, signed in recent weeks by the presidents of the two regions, Alberto Cirio and Toti, becomes operational from 1 July. The agreement allows Piedmontese citizens who move to Liguria and those from Liguria who reach Piedmont for at least 14 days of vacation to be vaccinated in the region where they are spending their summer holidays. ” It is an agreement that I believe helps at a time when, at least in Liguria, the vaccination campaign is slowing down after the enthusiasm of the past few weeks – underlined Toti – today the vaccination slots are substantially available in all healthcare companies in Liguria and facilitate in any case our citizens so that they can get vaccinated without waiting for the return from holidays puts everyone safer than Covid and the variants ” ” Today is an important moment – added Cirio – with this agreement we bring the vaccine to people and not vaccinated people. The logic of facilitating citizens’ needs as much as possible is the right strategy. Ours, then – he continued – wants not only a best practices that we make available to all the other regions but a message: it is appropriate that Italian citizens can have a health service that follows them at least in the national territory by providing them with services. and the necessary information. As there is a ‘fiscal drawer’ – he concluded – I think a ‘health drawer’ is necessary. ” In particular, Piedmontese tourists who will go to Liguria and Ligurians headed to Piedmont must declare to stay for at least 14 days in their respective places of vacation in order to access the second dose of the vaccine. Ligurians going to Piedmont must go to, enter the “Are you on holiday in Piedmont?” Section, click on the “Fill in the data and send” box and then enter the tax code, health card number and mobile phone number and any e-mail, the place and the period of stay during the holiday, the date of administration of the first dose and the vaccine received, the indicative date of the second appointment received by their local health authority, so that the Piedmontese health companies can schedule the reservation of the second dose in the nearest vaccination center and thus send a summoning message. Piedmontese heading to Liguria must connect to A section will be dedicated to them, to allow the possibility of choice in the various provinces based on the one where they are on vacation. The tourist can consult the availability offered according to the vaccine he must receive. To book you need the health card and the certification of the administration of the first dose and the declaration that it will be present in Liguria for tourism purposes for at least 14 days. With the data, he obtains the list of available locations and the date to carry out the vaccination.



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