• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Vaccine, six doses injected by mistake in Massa: discharged 23 years old


May 10, 2021

Six doses of the Pfizer vaccine administered by mistake, the 23-year-old girl was discharged after 24 hours of observation. Excess doses of the product were injected at the Apuan hospital in Massa. The girl, a clinical psychology trainee, remained monitored and did not show allergies, as the North West Tuscany Local Health Authority reported. The young woman would only have pains in her arm. Read also The mistake occurred yesterday morning at the hospital when the vaccine was being prepared, when the 23-year-old was given 6 doses, equivalent to an entire vial of vaccine. “It was a problem of decline from a cognitive point of view, a slip due to a moment of decline in attention”, explained the ASL, however, deprecating the error due to inattention. The ASL Toscana has promoted an internal audit to understand what actually happened.