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Modena, Bper Group inaugurates ‘corporate’ vaccination Hub


4,000 already booked, of which 1200 only in Modena. The national vaccination campaign for all employees and family members of the Bper Group accelerates. Thousands of subscriptions in the Hubs made available to the Group in the Unisalute points and today in the parking lot of the headquarters of the Banking Group’s Service Center, in Modena, the anti Covid 19 Vaccinal Point was inaugurated. It is a mobile clinic in all respects on the model of those made famous by the Moto Gp. Two floors with waiting rooms, workstations for evaluating the patient’s medical history and above all boxes where vaccines are administered. Inaugurated and immediately operational with the first people called for vaccine doses already this morning. “This is a great satisfaction, 4 thousand colleagues and family members have already booked and the hope is to be useful in the future to more and more people – explained the deputy general manager of Bper Pierpio Cerfogli – It works like a normal point vaccination, it is necessary to book, with very short waiting times, but above all, the most important thing about this initiative, is that it allows you to lighten the pressure on other structures and therefore also has a benefit for non-Bper employees. ” agreement with Unisalute is not limited to vaccines. In fact, an insurance policy will be made available for Bper employees and their families in case of any adverse reactions to the vaccine and a daily compensation for hospitalization. Bellei, provincial coordinator of the vaccination campaign of the Ausl of Modena: “I thank Bper and all the companies that are inaugurating vaccination points because they are very important to us. It allows us to increase the number of vaccinated workers, and this allows us to protect the workplace , those who work there and their families. As you know, in Modena we are reaching very high levels of vaccinations, 87% of the over 60s are vaccinated, while 56% of the population aged 12 and over has received at least one dose. epidemiologists show us that the number of infections among the older population (which is the most vaccinated) has drastically dropped. nale will remain open every day and is in constant contact with the Usl Company for the supply of vaccines. Every day we will be notified of the number of vaccines needed. “Satisfied Gian Carlo Muzzarelli, Mayor of Modena, who has been inviting the most important companies in the city for some time to acquire vaccination points.” It is a further sign of the team that is putting in the field to corner the virus – explained Muzzarelli – and the only way to do it is to vaccinate. 570 thousand vaccinated to date in Modena, and I must say this one of Bper is an operation that is part of the community response that we are giving. We look to autumn with additional hope, knowing that if we need a third vaccination we are ready “” What we see today is part of a path that Bper has been implementing for a year and a half – commented Giuseppe Corni, resource director human Bper Group – between protocols and regulations, the effort was very important to continue working safely. There are 18 thousand employees throughout Italy, many have already had the opportunity to get vaccinated with the regional channels and health companies, there are about 3-4 thousand who, for reasons of age, have not yet done so. This operation is dedicated to them and their close relatives. This mobile Hub is unique that we have chosen to make available due to the high number of employees present in Modena, in the rest of Italy points agreed with Unisalute will be used. The plan has already begun to date, 300 employees have already received the vaccine with the company vaccination plan “



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