Sixteen year old killed, his friend stopped: “Demon inside me”

“I felt the demon inside me, I went out of the house with a knife to kill her.” And one of the sentences, from what we learn, that the 16-year-old arrested for the murder of his friend and peer Chiara Gualzetti, stabbed to death in the area of ​​the Abbey of Monteveglio (Bologna), confessed to the carabinieri of Borgo Panigale and to the magistrate of the prosecutor for minors Simone Purgato. Read also In the long interrogation, the young man also told about some of the victim’s ‘ambiguous’ phrases, as well as the girl’s infatuation with him. The 16-year-old, confessed, was blocked yesterday in the street in Bologna a few kilometers from the village where he lives. He must answer for premeditated murder, against him – according to the prosecutor who issued the arrest warrant – there are “serious indications of guilt and the danger of escape.” “He said he wanted to die, she was infatuated with me but I did not liked ”, are the words that came out of the 16-year-old’s mouth after the arrest. Fragments of a confused story: “During the long interrogation she said that he was aware of the phrases she uttered as ‘I want to die’ – a statement it is not known how real or how much it was pronounced to attract attention – as well as affirming that Chiara was infatuated with him, an element confirmed by some friends ”, they explain to the prosecutor. At the moment “the motive is under consideration, it is not clear.” “We will do an expert opinion on the boy who has been arrested who has a particular personality. We need to see how much built up there is in saying that he heard ‘superior voices’ who told him to to kill. This hint suggests an in-depth study “, explain sources of the prosecutor for minors of Bologna. The young man did not say why he presented himself armed – with a kitchen knife – to the appointment with the victim: a detail that however excludes a raptus and which led the prosecutor to challenge the crime of premeditated murder.

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