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Bologna, 16 years old killed: the same age will have to answer for premeditated murder


For the murder of Chiara Gualzetti, the 16-year-old killed in the province of Bologna, there are no elements to hypothesize the presence of accomplices. On the contrary, the confession of the young man arrested for the murder of his friend who was stabbed to death “is congruous” with what happened on Sunday morning when the girl left home and never returned. Adnkronos learns it. “He bears the entire responsibility and what he says is appropriate,” explains an investigator. The 16-year-old must now answer for premeditated murder, Adnkronos still learns. Pre-meditated because the minor brought the knife with which he hit the victim, his same age, several times. “The weapon, cleaned up, was seized from the arrested man’s home”, says an investigator. It would have been the boy to deliver her claiming to have used a normal knife to kill her friend. Read also Chiara Gualzetti “was killed in the place where she was found”, a place near a grove not far from home. The murder “took place immediately after the disappearance” which took place Sunday morning, when the girl had left the house to meet the same age – “just turned 16” – arrested for premeditated murder.
A canceled chat on Instagram “set off the alarm bell” and in the face of increasingly insistent protests against the 16-year-old he collapsed and confessed to the murder of his friend in front of the magistrate and the police, they explain to Adnkronos. The minor who had known the victim for some time was unable to clearly explain the motive. (from the correspondent Antonietta Ferrante)



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