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Vatican, substitute Pena Parra turned to Italian 007 for cleaning offices and news: here is the report


There is embarrassment in the Vatican for the new details emerging from the investigation into the London palace. As Panorama reports, among the various circumstances that emerged from the investigations also that of the deputy to the Secretariat of State, Monsignor Edgar Peña Parra, who, instead of turning to the Vatican Gendarmerie as he would like, would have made use of the Italian secret services to clean up his offices and to obtain information on a series of subjects “who were trying to break into the economic structures of the Holy See with malicious intent”. To tell the story to the Office of the Promoter of Justice in a defensive brief of October 2019 (and to confirm it in the interrogation of 16 January 2020) is the former Vatican official Vincenzo Mauriello, first suspended and then fired together with two other officials of the secretariat of state, Fabrizio Tirabassi and Caterina Sansone, to the director of AIF Tommaso Di Ruzza, and to Monsignor Mauro Carlino, former secretary of Cardinal Angelo Becciu who maintained the same role for a period also with Pena Parra. Mauriello is the man to whom Pena Parra turns to find someone for the environmental reclamation of his offices in the Vatican. Here is the report that Adnkronos came into possession of: “Towards the end of May or the beginning of June 2019 (I don’t remember the exact period), during a working meeting on issues assigned to me, non-economic-financial, – Mauriello tells in his memory – the Deputy, also in the presence of Monsignor Mauro Carlino, at the time still in his secretariat, pointed out the need to carry out an environmental remediation of his new offices since it had happened several times that the content of his confidential conversations with different interlocutors had, after a short time, become known to the outside “and I” replied that I knew a practicing Catholic person, of absolute trust, an Aisi official, who I could, if requested by my superiors, contact to see if you wanted to take on the burden of carrying out this delicate task “. Mauriello at that point combines a first meeting in the secretariat of state with the Aisi official, his acquaintance:” or it took place in the reception room of His Excellency Monsignor Pena “in the presence of Mons. Carlino, and Pena Parra “pointed out what his fears and needs were. At the end of the meeting, arrangements were made to carry out the desired operation on a Friday afternoon at the end of morning work, if I remember correctly around 14 “. On the pre-established day 007 “he went to the secretariat of state and after receiving him I accompanied him to the Second Lodge at the offices of His Excellency Monsignor Sostituto where you entrusted him to Monsignor Carlino. I, on the other hand, went to my office in the Third Lodge to do some work After about two hours Monsignor Carlino called me saying that they had finished the work and asking me to join them. They told me that nothing had been found in the visited environments but that obviously it could not be excluded that there were other undetectable control systems “. While he was leaving, the Aise official, Mauriello continues in the report viewed by the Adnkronos, “he asked me if his direct superior could have had a reply with Monsignor Substitute also to give an institutional role to the work he had just done” . And so, “a date was set that I don’t remember”, and, on the appointed day, Mauriello accompanied the two 007s with Carlino to Pena’s private reception room and waited outside for the end of the interview: “The two Aisi officials left the I met after about 20 minutes accompanied by Carlino, who thanked them and asked me to take them to the courtyard of the Belvedere. During the journey I was told broadly that the meeting had been very cordial, that they had been thanked for their collaboration offer and that His Excellency Monsignor Pena, together with Monsignor Carlino, had asked them if it was possible to obtain confidential information on some people who were trying to break into the economic structures of the Holy See with malicious intent “. “I was not told the names of these people nor did I ask for them not being a matter of my competence”, explains Mauriello, but “I pointed out to the two officials that Monsignor Sostituto, among the many tasks held in the secretariat of state, also has what he can be compared to a minister of the Interior and that if he had asked for information it was for the good of the Holy See and in any case within the sphere of his powers “. The next meeting is in September. “After the summer, towards the end of August”, the Aise official “called me to tell me that they had carried out a first reconnaissance and that, if possible, they wanted to share what they had learned with Monsignor Substitute. meeting (perhaps in early September but I don’t remember exactly the day) and on that occasion the episode reported by the Gendarmerie and reported in the ordinance took place. guests in the secretariat of state for a meeting with the Substitute, the Chief of Staff (of the Gendarmerie, ed) asked the two people to identify themselves. The two Aisi officials called me to ask me what to do. Since I was with Monsignor Carlino in them waiting and as the time of the appointment with the superior was approaching, the prelate spoke on the phone with the Chief of the Gendarmerie in Sant’Anna asking to let two guests pass without further formalities ty “. Also in this case, the two 007s with Monsignor Carlino would be accommodated in the private reception room of the Substitute in the Second Loggia, while Mauriello would remain outside: “After about 20 minutes the guests with Monsignor Sostituto and Monsignor Carlino reached the place where I was. and having taken leave of Monsignor Pena they were taken by me outside the State to avoid them having the same inconveniences they had on arrival. and which contained the report allegedly shown to the Substitute. This is the envelope that the Gendarmerie mentions in its report and whose precise content is unknown to me “. Mgr. Carlino: “A few days after this meeting, Monsignor Carlino, who in the meantime became head of the information and documentation office of the secretariat of state, called me to inform me that his cell phone was not functioning properly and that it was perhaps infected with some virus . He therefore asked me to contact “007” to ask him if he could go to the secretariat of state to give him some advice on what to do “and he,” always in a spirit of service to the Holy See without asking or receiving any reward, went at the offices of Monsignor Carlino, I don’t remember the exact date, and, after listening to him, he asked him a few questions about any people or organizations that might have an interest in stealing the information in his possession. was aware of sensitive news that many aspired to have “.



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