Delta variant, De Luca: “Outbreaks in Campania, we need to worry”

“In Campania we have Delta variant outbreaks and we must be extremely worried”. This was stated by the president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, recalling that “Campania is the region that does the most sequencing as far as positives are concerned, half of the sequences are done in Campania”. Read also De Luca cited the data from Great Britain “where almost the entire population has a single dose and where they have had 14 thousand infections in elementary schools. These data must worry us. I believe that we must aim to open everything, to open ourselves to the economy and to life, but – De Luca underlined – we must know that we can open up if we are responsible “. On the slowdown in the vaccination campaign” what has not worked is a demented national communication. the medal collector, who spoke yesterday, who quietly told us that on Astrazeneca they gave 10 different communications, as if he were a Swedish tourist. Someone should remind him that the commissioner at Covid is him, and therefore in these cases or yes resigns the commissioner, or the Minister of Health, or preferably both resign and go home, which would be the best thing “, De Luca pointed out, q his morning at the inauguration of the new intensive care unit at the Vanvitelli Polyclinic. “That insane communication – he remarked – caused a dramatic slowdown and a crisis of confidence in millions of citizens. Then there will also be a component of poor civic spirit, some component of cunning, whatever you want, but the point of turning point was determined by that communication “. And again:” It is difficult to say today because we are all happy, all light-hearted, disheveled and in recreation, it seems that the problem is over, but if the situation remains this, in October we will have the hell. We have a million and a half citizens who did not want to vaccinate, we do not complete the vaccination for the students, unlike what the general communicates with the medals, hundreds of thousands of doses less will arrive in July. faced with a communication scam that continues in this country, we now live in a media bubble for which we must say that everything is fine. What is good is good, what is bad and, like the vaccine distribution campaign, it goes wrong, we have to say. So we must be aware that we risk having a worrying autumn. I hope that our fellow citizens will stop for a moment, begin to reflect and perform acts of responsibility “. De Luca recalled that” an extraordinary organization of vaccination centers has been prepared, we had planned these very beautiful structures to reach the goal of early July to immunize the city of Naples. The hubs are there, they have provided a frankly extraordinary service to the citizens of Naples, but today we do not have the citizens participating in the vaccination campaign. It is really a pity as well as an act of great irresponsibility, because as we know the Delta variant attacks both those who have taken the first dose and even more so those who have not made any vaccines “. De Luca therefore reiterated the solicitation to the citizens of Naples” to participate in the vaccination campaign. I turn to the kids in particular: we are at the end of June, whoever goes to vaccinate this week with Pfizer can do the recall in the last week of July, so they can go on vacation in August, immunized. So I appeal to the boys to go and get vaccinated en masse, otherwise we will have a month of October that will be hell “.

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