Delta Italia variant, “probable Green Pass remodeling”

It is possible that with the Delta variant of the covid in Italy it is necessary to “reshape the Green pass after the first dose of the vaccine. We leave this however to the scientists and I would wait a couple of weeks. But if it is true that the protection from this variant there is after two doses of the vaccine, it is clear that, in addition to running with the second doses, we must reformulate the Green Certificate. At the moment it is too early to say “. This was stated by Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, who spoke on Radio 24 at ’24Mattino’. “I would wait 14 days for the analysis of the data arriving from the United Kingdom and for the control of the prevalence of the Delta variant in Italy, currently close to 20%. We wait to understand how much it rises in a week. And then a reflection on this. I would do “, adds Sileri, then explaining that, as regards the second dose of vaccines,” I would try to stay closer to 3 weeks for the booster for Pfizer and 4 weeks for Moderna, compared to 42 days. In a very dynamic way: if we stretched before, to have more doses with the third wave in progress, now it is better to stay closer to 21-28 days to guarantee the second dose as soon as possible “. For Sileri, doing the Green pass with a single dose was not a mistake because “when it was formulated the data showed that it was fine”. The one against Covid, he added, “is a dynamic battle. The virus is dynamic and we must be ready to adapt. At the moment we do not need a change to the green passport, but it must be put in the pipeline. The data analysis will tell us” . “Probably – he concluded – but here the doctor speaks more than the politician, it will have to be changed if the efficacy of the vaccine against the Delta variant is confirmed with the second dose. At that point, a Green pass must be introduced with a second dose made”.

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