Vaccini Lazio, Pfizer is not enough: postpone the first dose for 100 thousand

Vaccines against covid in Lazio, the available doses of Pfizer are not enough and the first administration has been postponed for 100 thousand people. To reiterate this in an interview with ‘La Repubblica’ the councilor for health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato. “To date – he explains -, compared to the reservations already made, up to July 15 we are missing about 100 thousand doses of Pfizer to meet the needs of those who have booked” for the first dose of the vaccination. “We had a contraction between June and July of almost 35%” in supplies. Several Regions complain of similar problems, but why the extraordinary commissioner for the coronavirus emergency, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, speaks of a 5% drop and says that there are vaccines anyway? “I don’t know – replies D’Amato – The commissioner structure always sends the delivery reports to us. In July the discharges are 4, one a week, of about 196 thousand doses each. In June we were on average more than 300 thousand every week”. As a consequence of the change in deliveries, “we have postponed the bookings of children aged 12 to 16 after Ferragosto”. And “if these are the data, we will have to move those who are already booked by a week, that is from 11 to 18 July. There are about 100 thousand” people, confirms the commissioner, who “will be contacted one by one to communicate the new date. the first administration of the Pfizer vaccine “. “At the moment – explains D’Amato – on the regional portal” reservations for “Pfizer are closed. Then there are the family doctors who still have some supplies”. And how are the other vaccines going? “With AstraZeneca now we work almost only for boosters – highlights the commissioner – both those over 60 and those under 60 who want to have the second dose of that vaccine”, because “about 15% do not want the second dose with Modern or Pfizer “. “At the moment I don’t know” when the Pfizer vaccine reservations will reopen. “However, if we do all the vaccines that have already been booked – D’Amato points out – despite the problem of 100 thousand, we will still be the first Italian region to reach herd immunity. I think we will reach it around 10 August. We have 34% of citizens who have already taken the double dose, the second Region is 29%. “But how can Lazio be ahead of the others if the Regions have the same doses? “Unlike others – claims the commissioner – we use all the weapons we have. Someone stopped supplying Johnson, but we did not. Moreover, it is also the vaccine that according to the latest Aifa pharmacovigilance report had the rate minor of serious adverse events. Then there are those who had not done AstraZeneca under 60 even before the block, while we have used it for many citizens in that age “.” The problem is “anyway” having to move 100 thousand appointments, creating a discomfort. This phase was the one in which we most needed a high number of vaccines – observes D’Amato – Faced with the variant we need to accelerate because one dose is not enough. If in July we had had the June vaccines, we would close the countryside”. As for the timing of the recalls, he remembers, “we brought Pfizer’s to 21 days, Moderna to 28 and AstraZeneca to 55. The mix instead remains with the old date because Pfizer is missing”.

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