Hot and muggy do not give up, peaks of 46 ° C are coming: that’s where

The African heat does not give up, on the contrary: a new boom in temperatures is expected in the coming days, with the mercury column that will rise to 46 ° C in the southern regions. The team of the website announces that from today temperatures will record a general surge in the Center-North with values ​​that will rise up to peaks of 36 ° C in Emilia, 37 ° C in Tuscany as in Florence and up to at 35 in Rome. The hottest phase for the South is expected between the days of Wednesday 30 June and Thursday 1 July: we will find the hottest areas in Sicily where the mercury column will return to caress the threshold of 45-46 ° C, such as for example in Syracuse. Calabria and Puglia will follow with a target of 40/41 ° C. In the rest of the South, the maximum values ​​will fluctuate anywhere around 35-36 ° C. IN DETAILS Monday 28. In the north: some storms over Val d’Aosta, high Piedmont and Varese, sun and heat elsewhere. In the center: lots of sun and intense heat. In the south: a bit unstable in Sicily, sun elsewhere. Tuesday 29. In the north: afternoon thunderstorms over Val d’Aosta, upper Piedmont and the Lombard Alps. In the center: sunny and warm. In the south: sun and heat on the rise. Wednesday 30. In the north: thunderstorms over mountainous and locally flat Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige, upper Veneto and the Friulian Alps. Center: sunny. In the south: sun and intense heat. Successful sunny and hot days in the center-south, thunderstorms in the Alps.

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