Covid today Lazio, 79 infections and 3 deaths. In Rome 50 new cases

There are 79 new Coronavirus infections in Lazio according to today’s bulletin, June 26. The table refers to another 3 deaths. There were 50 new cases in Rome. In the last 24 hours, over 8 thousand swabs and 18 thousand antigenic swabs have been made for a total of over 26 thousand tests with a positive percentage of 0.2%. The number of hospitalized patients is down by 30, they are 194. Since yesterday the healed are 192, the intensive therapies are 60, 4 less. In the ASL Roma 1 there have been 11 new cases since yesterday and 2 deaths. In ASL Roma 2 there are 26 new cases in the last 24 hours In ASL Roma 3 there are 13 new cases and in ASL Roma 4 there are no new cases, while there is one death. In ASL Roma 5 there are 6 new cases, in ASL Roma 6 there are 14 new infections. In the provinces there are 9 new cases and no deaths. In the ASL of Latina there are 2 new cases, 6 in that of Frosinone, one in Viterbo and no new cases in Rieti. There are currently 3,498 positives in the Region, of which 194 hospitalized, 60 in intensive care and 3,244 in home isolation. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 333,904 have been healed and 8,321 died out of a total of 345,723 cases.

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