Delta variant, Viola: “Everyone get vaccinated, no one will enjoy herd immunity”

With the new Delta variant, “the Covid virus is not only more transmissible but also less sensitive to antibodies. For this reason, as now indicated on the Ecdc website, those who have received only one dose can not only get infected but also get sick. so now the rush to make calls quickly: it is better to cover people over 50 well than to vaccinate children. This too should have been obvious right away. Errors aside, for citizens the message is: everyone must be vaccinated because no one will enjoy herd immunity (which, as I have been saying for months, will not be achieved) “. The immunologist of the University of Padua, Antonella Viola, writes on Facebook. “You have to do the booster without postponing until after the holidays; until you are fully vaccinated (10 days from the second dose), you have to continue using masks and spacers. Only after the complete vaccination course can we feel safe”, adds Viola. “When the UK decided to extend the time interval between the first and second dose of mRNA vaccines, I expressed my concern, explaining that generating partial immunity in the population during a pandemic promotes the circulation of antibody resistant variants. This is what is happening with the Delta variant, “recalls the immunologist.

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