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Super hot in Italy with peaks of 45 °, possible respite in July


In June, summer literally exploded thanks to the limelight of the subtropical anticyclone which brought so much heat with scorching temperatures and which have nothing to do with this period. In fact, we are talking about thermal anomalies in the order of 8/10 ° C in many regions, in short, truly exceptional and record values, so much so that if we consider the month of June, they remind us of the infamous summer season of 2003, the most warm that you remember. These conditions will also accompany us in the course of next week, and indeed from Monday 28th we will have to deal with a new intense heat wave. Then, however, watch out for the first pitfalls at the beginning of July.But let’s go in order by analyzing the latest updates of our official APP and highlighting what could be the news.The week will open again under the banner of atmospheric stability thanks to the now constant presence of high pressure of subtropical origin on the Mediterranean basin. For this reason, between Monday 28th and Wednesday 30th June we expect a new surge in heat under the thrust of hot Saharan air that will cause a further marked increase in temperatures that will reach still exceptional values. Attention in particular to the Po Valley, to the inland areas of the Center and the South, where maximum peaks above 36/37 ° C are expected during the afternoon hours, up to 45 ° C in Sicily in the Syracuse area. Only thunderstorms, typical of this season, only in the Alps; for the rest, significant rainfall is not expected on the rest of the national territory.The novelty, or a possible respite from these too extreme conditions, could arrive no earlier than the beginning of July, with the passage of a depression, descending from high latitudes.For the details it is of course necessary to wait a few more days, but if this is confirmed it is reasonable to expect a more lively phase with several occasions for thunderstorms and, above all, with a drop in temperatures.



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