Child found, “the parents are not investigated”

The parents of Nicola Tanturli, the 21-month-old baby found alive on Wednesday 23 June in the woods of Palazzuolo sul Senio (Florence), in the Upper Mugello, where he had disappeared for 36 hours, are not investigated. Based on the elements collected so far, Adnkronos learns from investigative sources, at the moment there were no criminal complaints against his father, Leonardo Tanturli, and his mother, Giuseppina Paladino. The investigations ordered by the Florence Public Prosecutor’s Office were delegated to the carabinieri of the Borgo San Lorenzo company, territorially competent for the Mugello area, and are still in progress. The deputy prosecutor Giulio Monferrini asked for a series of information from the investigators and all the documents have not yet been sent to the Prosecutor’s Office. However, on the basis of the preliminary investigations carried out so far, no criminal responsibility has been found against the couple. To investigate Nicola’s parents for the crime of neglect of a minor, sufficient elements would not have been found for now to substantiate the accusation.Many of the elements that had appeared incongruent, doubtful or even mysterious in the first phase of Nicola’s search, as he passed some days, after its discovery, are thinning out. For example, the mother made it clear that the child was wearing sandals and a shirt because he was put to bed the night he disappeared. Investigators are reconstructing the dynamics of the facts also within the context in which they occurred, which is that of a family that by choice lives isolated at an altitude of 800 meters in a cottage surrounded by the woods of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Even the bumpy path that Nicola, when he was only 21 months old, walked for about 4 km, between mule tracks, dirt roads and woods, will be rebuilt, but there is not only the file opened by the Public Prosecutor directed by the chief prosecutor Giuseppe Creazzo. On Nicola’s case, checks are still awaited by the social workers of the ASL and the Prosecutor’s Office at the Juvenile Court. Social workers, explains an investigative source to Adnkronos, will be called to ascertain, for example, if the minor lives in a family situation that could be a source of discomfort for him and if the parents are adequate to carry out their educational function. In this sense, a socio-family relationship will be sent by competence by the social workers to the Prosecutor’s Office at the Juvenile Court. Moreover, a similar episode of estrangement is investigated which would have seen the couple’s other son, Giulio, 4 years old, protagonist. that in 2020 he would have traveled up to a couple of kilometers away, when he was found by the inhabitants of the eco-village of Campanara.According to what Leonardo Tanturli has reported so far, Nicola fell asleep on Monday 21 June around 18 in the arms of his mother who kept in the pouch; then Giuseppina brought the baby into the house, laying him on the double bed, probably without taking off his sandals. “We thought he might wake up, but not having a nap he meant he could sleep until the next morning”, said the father. The mother left the house at 7.30 pm to go to the stable, the father returned from the garden at 9.30 pm and put the other son Giulio in the cot. “I didn’t care if Nicola was in our bed”, Leonardo always said. Around 10 pm the couple of farmers started milking the goats, which lasted until midnight, when they returned home and saw that Nicola was not there. Thus began the search for the missing child. But only after almost nine hours, at 8.30, did they raise the alarm by calling the fire brigade. “We were wrong not to call for help immediately”, admitted the father. As for the fact that Nicola would have opened the door by himself, to go and look for his parents after he woke up in his room alone, the father he explained that his son had learned to use the handle a few days ago.

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