Rome threatens passers-by with a knife and yells “I’ll kill you all”: blocked

He shouted “I’ll kill everyone”, threatening passers-by with a knife: a man, who was heading towards St. Peter’s Basilica, was stopped by a patrol of the Local Police of Rome Capital. It happened around 5 pm and it was the white helmets of the “Prati” Group I that stopped the 46-year-old, who was sowing panic in the Borgo district. As reconstructed by the local police, the man, of French nationality, brandished a kitchen knife towards passers-by, until it placed it on the face of an Italian woman, sitting at a local restaurant. He was spitting on people everywhere and shouting: “I’ll kill you all.” The man was stopped and identified by the agents, who managed to contain him in his fury, while he was headed towards St. Peter’s Basilica, wearing a backpack inside which eight kitchen knives were found. Shortly after, a steering wheel from the Borgo Commissariat of the State Police also arrived. The man was arrested and placed in the care of medical personnel for the health checks of the case. Further checks are still underway by the police.

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